Chris Pratt Biography 

Chris Pratt during teenage

Chris Pratt was born in Virginia, Minnesota on June 21, 1979. He was the youngest among three siblings in the family. Later on, Pratt moved to Lake Stevens, Washington along with his family. From the beginning, Pratt participated in acting in plays and dinner theater. After some time he moved to Maui, Hawaii and worked as a waiter at the Bubba ump Shrimp Company. During his job there, he met director as well as actress Rae Dawn Chong who was very impressed by his loos and energy. She, later on, signed him for a short movie called “Cursed Part 3” in 2000. This was a big opportunity for Pratt to pursue more acting work. After the movie, he got an offer in the series “Everwood” as an athlete named Bright Abbott. The series was started in 2002 and Pratt worked in it till 2006. Chris first debuted in movies in “The Extreme Team” in 2003.

Chris Pratt Relationship

During his work in the series, Pratt started dating the Canadian actress Emily VanCamp. Emily played the role of Pratt’s sister in “Everwood”. Many of the series fans thought that it was very weird that the on-screen brother and sister are real-life couples. Their relationship was kept a secret in the beginning but later on, they confirmed their relationship. They dated for 2 years and finally split up in June 2006.

Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp dated during 2004

In 2007, Chris met Anna Faris , the American actress on the set of “Take Me Home Tonight”. The moment they met they felt an instant connection with each other. They found many similarities between them and clicked in an instance. Unfortunately, at the time Anna was already married to Ben Indra who was an American Actor. At the end of the shooting of the movie, Anna left her former husband and started dating Chris in May 2008. Anna said that Chris was the man of her dreams in The Late Late Show. The couple dated for 9 months.

In late 2008, Chris finally proposed to Anna. According to Chris, he knew that he wanted to marry Anna the first time he met her but it would be very weird to ask her to marry him that soon. After 5 months of engagement, they got married on 9th July 2009. The wedding was held in Bali and was a small ceremony with only close friends and family invited.

Chris and Anna Faris

In 25th August 2012, Anna gave birth to their son and named him Jack Pratt who was born several weeks premature. At the time of birth, Chris and Anna were in complete shock as the doctor said that the baby had some severe brain bleeding and that the baby could be developmentally disabled. Jack was kept in the hospital for a month. Finally, they could take the bay home and now the baby is very healthy with a little vision and leg muscles issues. Unfortunately, recently on August 6, 2017, the pair announced their divorce. Soon after their divorce, Anna started dating Michael Barrett who is an American Cinematographer.

Chris Pratt Career and Net Worth

The total net worth of Chris Pratt is 40 million dollars. Full name Christopher Michael Pratt, originally was not into acting and film industry until he performed for the first time in “Cursed Part 3”. After his appearance in the movie, his career was launched. He did his first leading role in “Everwood” in 2002 for which he was nominated two times for the Teen choice award. Later he auditioned for lead roles in blockbuster movie such as “Star Trek” and “Avatar” in 2009. He also played the character of Andy Dwyer in “Park and Recreation” which later on became his iconic character. His first significant role was as Scott Hatterberg in the movie “Moneyball” which was a very dramatic role for him.

Chris Pratt in Horror Comedy “Cursed: Part III”

In 2013, he was seen in two movies “Her” and “Delivery Man”. Chris earned 400 thousand dollars for “Her” and 180 thousand dollars for “Delivery Man”. Later in 2014, he released his animated movie “The Lego Movie” earning 900 thousand dollars. In the same year, he also released “Guardian of the Galaxy” which offered him 1,500,000 dollars. He also got 14 million dollars for “Jurassic Park”.  In fact, Chris has earned 26 million dollars combined from “Guardian of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic Park”. After his acting skill in “Guardian of the Galaxy”, he was named as the top-grossing film star in 2015. And after the hit of “Jurassic Park,” Chris’s salary jumped to 12 million dollars.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Avengers Series

Also, in between 2014 to 2015, Chris made around 13 million dollars for an upfront contract. Chris was also listed as a newcomer in the list one of the World’s highest paid actor in 2015. Chris Pratt was signed for the movie “Passenger” with Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence for 12 million dollars. The movie gave Chris 3,496,503 dollars to take home.

From 2016 to 2017, Chris has earned around 18 million dollars from his various performances. In 2016, Chris was on the 16th position of the highest paid actor as his earnings were doubled than 2015 which is 26 million dollars for a movie. In 2017, Chris has dipped to the 19th position with 17 million dollars. Being 37, Chris is the youngest actor on the list. If calculated, Chris earns approximately 38,500 dollars per day.  Almost all movies that Chis has appeared in has earned over 3 billion dollars in the box office.

Chris owns a 4700 square foot home in Los Angeles which is worth 3.3 million dollars. The house consists of three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Also, he sold his previous house for 2.3 million dollars. His new house and old house is right next to the street of one another. Chris also owns a 1965 VW Beetle car which was about 2500 dollars. Chris is very fond of old stylish cars so he took the car even though he had no idea how to work on it. He learned to work the car through YouTube videos and manuals.


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