Birth Name Deepak Bajracharya
Birth place Lalitpur
Birth of date may 2
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Hair color Black
Eye color dark brown
Age N/A
Nationality Nepali
Height N/A
Profession : Singer, Music Arranger, Performer
Spouse Amira Bajracharya
Childern Cherisha Bajracharya and Deon Bajracharya
Net Worth N/A


Personal life and Family:

Deepak Bajrachraya  is one of the talent, and popular Singer of Nepali Industry as well as Social worker. His Family belong to Buddhist Family. As Deepak Bajracharya belong to  a sculptor family, However, his immense passion towards music was greater than sculptor and with his hard work, he has been successful and popular singer in Nepal Music Industry. His spouse name is Amira Bajracharya and Their children name is Cherisha Bajracharya and Deon Bajracharya.



He is the first one who introduce the Latino style music to our Nepali music industry, he has released six albums, recorded more than 250 songs. He has been involved in many social work. Around more than 275 songs and has been involved in many social works.

Early Life:

deepakDeepak was brought up in the typical Newari family from Bhinche Bahal , a sub-metropolitan area in a city of Lalitpur, and had a normal childhood. As he brought up from such family, he didn’t know how to speak any other language than Newar. After he start his schooling his entire friend’s circle spoke Nepali and English which create communication problem to him. He was very shy in school and the type of student who always found comfort in the last bench, hiding away from the teacher. Deepak joined martial arts class and his confidence began to built up eventually. He has an interest in music right form his childhood but being a shy kid he never had an opportunity to present his interest at school




Deepak Bajracharya music career started with his first song Chodi Gayo Priye. With his band Littluns his first album was released in 2047 BS.  but his band members could not sustain due to financial problem and their personal career and as there was no scope for music. His first hit song Oh Amira was dedicate to his wife Amira, which not only made his wife happy but also help  him  to get a huge fan following. After the long career in Nepali music industry, he  also got experienced  to change  public response, finance and also the development of music scene in Nepal.  When his song was aired for the first time in Radio Nepal it was the  most inspiring moment for him.


Net worth and earnings:

Deepak Bajracharya is an popular artist, musician, arranger and a performer.  He also establish”Royal Tine Academy ” where musician are trained He is also a brand ambassador for like Bagpiper Whiskey, Kodak Film, Samsung Electronics and World Link Communication and Anna Li-fan Motorcycle. He  also engaged in different social work like    with associated Kodak and he donate Rs one lakh every month to Cancer Relief Society and personally and  also contributes for  Cancer Relief Society by  Rs 1 per copy of his CD. The Net worth and earnings is under review.

Awards and Nomination:

As Deepak Bajracharya is one of the renowed singer, he got many awards  from his songs.In 1999, Deepak received as a  Hits Fm Award as a “Best Pop Vocal Performance” from song title (SAMAYA). In 2003,  he  received Icon Award as a “Icon of the Year” and  Aaha Music Award as a “Best Pop Vocal Performance” from song title (Priya). Likewise  in  year 2008,   he also received Kantipur Award as a “Best Jodi of the Year”.




Relationship status:

In 2055 B.S, Deepak Bajracharya married with Amira Shrestha and has one daughter, name Cherisha Bajracharya  and one  son,   and Deon Bajracharya.


Facts about:

  • Deepak Bajracharya is an popular artist, musician, arranger and a performer
  • He is also social worker, he donate Rs one lakh every month to Cancer Relief Society and personally and  also contributes for  Cancer Relief Society by  Rs 1 per copy of his CD..
  • His second album called “Amira” is his favourite one. He delicate this song for his wife amira.
  • He also performed in all of the 14 states in Nepal.

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