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Birth Name Dermot Mulroney
Birth Place Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Birth Sign Scorpio
Father Michael Mulroney
Mother Ellen Mulroney
Spouse Tharita Cutulle
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Date of Birth October 31, 1963
Age 55
Nationality American
Net Worth Est. $11 million
Children Mabel Ray Mulroney, and Sally
College Northwestern University


Personal life and Family

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Dermot Mulroney is an American actor. He is best known for his outstanding role in romantic comedy films. Dermot was interested in acting since childhood and actually joined a children’s community theatre. He was very young of age when he started doing acting. Followed by it he became a part in a stage performance in ‘Are Teachers Human’. He was still a student when he did these kinds of plays. His mother ellen was a homemaker and an actress. Dermot’s father, Michael Mulroney was a law professor in Villanova University. His mother was originally from Manchester while his father was from Elkader. He also has one sister Moira and brothers Conor, Kieran and Sean. Like him Kieran is also an actor while his sister works in a non-profit industry.  He is of Amirian nationality but he belongs to the mixed ethnic background of Irish and German.

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Early Life

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Dermot was born on October 31st, 1963 in a place called Alexandra, Virginia. He had a huge interest in acting since his childhood. Pursuing his interest, he even joined a children’s community theatre and later got the opportunity to be a part in a stage performance in “Are Teachers Human”. In the early stage of seven years he also had started playing the cello and performed with youth orchestra. He studied at Maury Elementary School and then later he attended the Interlachen arts Camp as a cellist. Furthermore, he graduated from Northwestern University in Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in 1985.

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wedding date film demot-celebsfanclubDermot Mulroney made his first screen debut on a CBS television movie entitled “Sin of Innocence” in 1986. He was into acting since his childhood and played in various theatre programs. Now he has become a great actor. His character Dirty Steve in Young Guns made him gains fame. In addition to that in 1987, he played as bobby in Daddy. Furthermore, he grabbed his role in movies such as Sunset, Survival Quest. He also has played in numerous amounts of television series. His career made a rise when he was part of ‘My best friend’s wedding’ in 1997. He is quite popular for his comedy romantic role in films such as “The Wedding Date” and the “Must Love Dogs” from 2005. His latest films include ‘Dirty Grandpa’ and ‘Lavender’ in 2016. All in all, he has starred over 100 movies.

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Net worth and earnings

Considering his movies and television series his net worth can be estimated for about $11 million. His most amazing films include Dirty Steve which was a big hit and was no 1 at the box office.

demlot in splash magazine-celebsfanclubDermot’s film My best friend’s wedding from 1997 earned more than $299 million worldwide. He currently lives in a lavish house in Santa Monica which is worth $2.5 million. He has also been involved in various social charities and has provided funds for social cause.

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Awards and Achievements

Dermot has won the Jury Special Prize in the Artistic Achievement Award for the film ‘Bright Angel’ in 1990. He also won the best actor award in the Golden Space Needle Award in 1992 for the film ‘Where the day takes you’.

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Dermot won the Artistic Achievement Award again in 2007 at the Philadelphia Film Festival. In 1996 he was nominated for the best kiss with Winona Ryder in MTV Movie Awards. Furthermore, He and his cast members were awarded the Hollywood Film Award for Ensemble of the year in 2013.

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Relationship status

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Talking about his relationship status his first wife was Catherine Keener. They met during the shoot of ‘Survival Quest’ and happily married each other in the year 1990. They had a son Clyde Kenner Mulroney but unfortunately the couple had to let go of each other in May 2005. Following that they divorced each other in June 2007. Then later he married Tharita Catulle in 2008 after the divorce. The couple are still married to each other with two beautiful daughters Mabel Ray Mulroney and Sally Mulroney.

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Facts about Dermot Mulroney

  1. Dormet is a good friend to Brad Pitt who is also a famous Bollywood actor.
  2. He is a joint owner of the Double door, a popular club in Chicago.
  3. His body weight is 72 kg.
  4. Dormet has had 2 wives in his life.

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