Jake Paul Biography

Jake Paul is a YouTube personality and an American actor born on 17th January 1997. He was born in Cleveland and raised in Westlake, Ohio. His father is a realtor, Greg Paul and mother is a registered nurse, Pamela Ann Stepnick. He has an older brother Logan Paul who is also a YouTube Personality and an American actor. Jake gained his fame from a video application called Vine which is now defunct.

He had earned 5 million subscribers in Vine and posted vlogs, comedy sketches, and songs. Currently, he is starring in a Disney Channel series called “Bizaardvark” where he plays the role of Dirk. He is also a crowned muser in the application called Musical.ly with more than 5 million followers. He also made a group of YouTubers famously known as Team 10. All the members live in a mansion together for free and travel to various places and post vlogs on the team’s channel.

Jake Paul during his childhood

Jake Paul’s first girlfriend is Alissa Violet who is an American Model. At the time Jake was 18 years old and Alissa was 19 years old. According to Alissa they first met in Ohio when she was in the mall shopping and Jake and his brother Logan were there for a meet and greet. And in their first meeting, they exchanged their phone numbers and started to talk to each other frequently to know each other. She also said that every time Jake visited Ohio, he would come to meet her. He was also the one to take Alissa to Los Angeles where she met up with modeling agencies to start her career in modeling. After she returned, she decided to move to LA so she packed her bags and went to LA in 2015. Then she signed the contract to join Jake group Team 10. The couple started dating then and made a lot of contents together for YouTube videos as well. Fans also named them as Jalissa and they were known as the power couple of the squad Team 10. The couple dated on and off for a whole year.

Alissa Violet and Jake Paul back in 2017

In February 2016, the couple split up as Alissa shared a Snapchat video where her stuff was packed up from the Team 10 house. She said in the video that Jake had kicked her out of the house. After that Jake took it to Twitter and said that Alissa was the one who cheated on him with someone who was very close to him and she broke her heart. He later added that she was super talented and they will always be a friend but he can’t stay in the same space as the girl who broke his heart. Later on, Alissa replied to the tweet and said that Jake was the one who cheated on her and that Jake had girl after girl over every single day in front of her and they can’t be friends anymore. The twitter war continued for days and Jake also released a diss track called “It’s Everyday Bro”.

Jake Paul & Erica Costell

After their break up, Jake started dating Erika Costell an American model who is also a member of Team 10 from April 2017. The pair were seen kissing and getting cozy in multiple YouTube videos posted by Jake in his channel. The pair is known as Jerika. Though from the starting, it was already said that the pair were fake and it was just for the content. Fans started feeling that they had real chemistry between them and speculated that they are dating each other. In one of the vlogs posted by Jake, the pair even got married in Las Vegas. Jake proposed Erika with a Candy ring in a restraint in Vegas and got married the same day. The couple also started calling each other husband and wife and lived like one. Later on when the fans were convinced that they were in love, Jake said in an interview that Jerika was fake and the two were just best friends. Jake also posted a YouTube video explaining to fans that everything was fake and was just for fun, they are just best friends who are also attracted to each other but are not dating. Erika also supported the statement made by Jake and said that what Jake said was true and they are not dating in her channel’s YouTube video.

Jake Paul Career and Net Worth

Jake Paul first started to post videos on YouTube with his elder brother Logan in their channel called “Zoosh”. Their parents gave them a camera as a gift to help them analyze their football play but they ended up using it to post funny videos on YouTube. Then in 2013, he started posting videos on Vine and became really popular with 5.3 million followers and 2 billion plays on the application. Unfortunately, the video application was shut down later on.

In 2015, Jake gave an audition for the role in the new comedy series “Bizaardvark” in Disney Channel. He got selected to play the role of the character named Drik in the series. He also started his own YouTube channel named “Jake Paul” itself. The channel currently has more than 12 million subscribers and is growing day by day. He was also invited as a guest at an event at the White House. As a stunt to post in his channel, he hid in the bathroom inside the White House and sneaked out of there at 3.30 am without being noticed by the security.

On 17 January 2017, Jake formed a group called “Team 10” which is a team of YouTubers who stay in the same house. He raised 1 million dollars to create a creative agency and an influencer marketing management. The investors were Horizons Alpha, Danhua Capital, Adam Zeplain, Vayner Capital and Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments. On 30th May 2017, Jake alongside Team 10 released a song with its music video called “It’s Everyday Bro”. The music video was viewed 70 million times in the first month of release and also has become the fourth most disliked video on YouTube. The song was also listed in number 94 in Billboard Hot 100.

As of 2018, the total net worth of Jake Paul is 8 million dollars. Jake lives in a mansion with Team 10 in Beverly Grove in Los Angeles. The monthly rent for the mansion is 17,000 dollars. It is estimated that Jake earns 32,000 dollars per day from his YouTube channel. He owns a Camo Ford Focus RS which is worth 35,000 dollars which is the first car he bought. He also recently bought a Tesla Model X which is worth 80,000 dollars. The mansion where he shot his music video of “It’s Everyday Bro” is 10.5 million dollars but obviously, he didn’t buy the house just for a music video. Instead, he rented the mansion which costs 2000 dollars per day. He also bought a bus for his Team 10 members to travel in.


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