Karishma Manandhar biography

Birth Name Karishma Manandhar
Birth Place Lalitpur, Nepal
Birth Sign Aquarius
Father N/A
Mother Komal KC
Spouse Binod Manandhar
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth February 8, 1974
Age 42
Nationality Nepalese
Net Worth N/A
Education Shuvatara School
Children Kabita Manandhar

Personal life and Family

Talking about the personal life and family of Karishma Manandhar, her real name is Bunu. Sher changed her name form Bunu to Karishma after she did her first movie ‘Santaan’ in 1988. She became popular as Karishma not as bunu. She was born to an army father but lost him at a very young age. Her mother Komal KC brought her up since childhood. Like any single mother would do, her mother wanted her to be a successful woman. She had no any siblings and her mother raised her well enough to be a successful actress.

Early Life

Karishma was born on 8th February, 1974 in Jharuarashi which is in Lalitpur. Her mother Komal KC raised her alone. She spent most of her childhood in Lalitpur but she had not had a very good experience as a child. Komal KC, single mother would have to face a lot of difficulties while raising her up. But, Karishma was a fast learner. She got a role to play in a movie at 7th grade. Karishma was just 14 at the time when she got a role to play in a movie called ‘Santaan’ opposite to Bhuwan KC. She went to Mumbai to get her training in acting and completely left her school. While training she also got the opportunity to play in movie Choron Ki Bharat.

Karishma Manandhar biography


Regarding her career, Karishma Manadhar was Bunu before she became Karishma. Her first movie ‘Santaan’ led her to change her name to Karishma. Then eventually she played in the film Mayalu, but she realized that she needs to learn more. She left for Mumbai where she got into training under Madhumati, well-known actress. Then there she got the role to play in movie such as Choron ki Barat, Dangaa Fasaad. But, for the love of her country, she returned back to Kathmandu to continue her debut in Nepali Film Industry. Furthermore, she got the chance to play in different advertisements and got the lead role in movie Kasturi.

Net worth and earnings

Karishma has played in numerous films since 1988 such as Mayalu, Truck Driver, Basanti, Panchhi, Maya’s Bar and so on. Back then Nepalese would love to see the films made in Nepal. Karishma was like a superstar and people would have gone crazy for her. She also tried her luck as a film producer in a movie Babu Saheb, but things weren’t in her favour. She suffered a huge loss from the movie. After 12 years she again produced a movie Fagu but couldn’t compete with other films such as Ko afno and soldier. So, her networth and earnings are not publicized into public but we can estimate it regarding her movies and productions. She was even the brand ambassador the “LUX”.

Awards and nominations

Karishma is famous for her movies such as Truck Driver, Bhauju, Ek Number ko Pakhe, Maya’s Bar. She was the Diva back in her age and people would love to see her doing amazing role in her movies. For her countless contribution to the Nepali Film industry, she received the honor of Popular Actress of the Decade in the year 2056 BS. She also received the award for the most prestigious Gorkha Bakshin Bahu Fourth.

Relationship status

Karishma had been pusuing her film career, then she met cinematographer Gauri Shankar Dhuju. She did a brand advertisement for her. Later, Gauri introduced her to Binod Manandhar, movie director. She got the lead role in the movie Kasturi which was being directed by Binod Manandhar. Binod and Karishma met at the sets of the movie and then two of them started to see each other. After being in love for quite some time they realized they were perfect for each other and finally married. Now, they have a wonder daughter named Kabita Manandhar. Karishma wants her daughter to be a lead actress as well and working on it to make it real.

Facts about Karishma Manandhar

  • Karishma hates smoking but she drinks alcohol.
  • Her father was a brave army soldier who died when she was very young
  • She was in 7th grade when she got to play in ‘Santaan’.
  • In 1989, she worked in Hindi film, Danga Fasad, which was super flopped.
  • Karishma Manandhar was the brand ambassador for ‘Lux’.
  • Karishma was also the face of Magazines such as ‘Navyata’, ‘Nari’.



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