lucas coly biography


Birth Name Lucas Coly
Birth Place France
Birth Sign Cancer
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Girlfriend Amber H
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth July 8, 1997
Age 21
Nationality French
Net Worth Est. $300 thousand
College Lincoln St. Alternative Highschool


Personal life and Family

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Lucas Coly was born on July 8 1997, Lucas Coly or name Kid Lucas is a French originated rapper. Talking about biography of Lucas Coly Both of his parent’s name is unknown but his father is West African whereas his mother was native French. He also has a brother who is 10 years younger than him. He had a special bonding with his maternal grandparents so he would visit them quite often. Not to mention he also had a very hardworking parents who supported him in every part of his life even his wish to make music. They fully supported him during his vine making days and now when he wants to make music, they didn’t say no to them.

Early Life

He was just eight years old when his parents decided to migrate to USA where he had his teenage life spent. Coly was very bad at grades and he barely completed his graduation from Lincoln St. Alternative Highschool. During the first two years his family stayed in Texas and later moved to San Francisco where he completed most of his school days. He actually had more interest in vines and making funny videos than going to school and getting good grades. He had formed a band in Atlanta where he and his good friend Dillyn Troy would get along with each other, but as the group disbanded, they grew apart from each other. Kid Lucas currently lives in Las Vegas after he got banned in Atlanta after having a greet and fan meeting which subsequently overflowed a shopping mall.


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The day which changed Coly’s life was when he first uploaded his vine on 9th July 2013. But at first, he didn’t get much attention but as time passed his popularity gained by 2014. His music rap song would contain both English and French Languages which is why people had gathered around him, sharing his videos. Afterwards, He began to upload his videos consistently from April 2014 and seeing such huge mass of audience that he got from it, in fact he felt really good. But unfortunately, Vine shut down in 2017, now he is more focused on YouTube these days. Now he is a social media star with 1.5 million followers on Instagram,210k on Twitter, 171k on YouTube.

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Net worth and earnings

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He is a web sensation and widely known across the globe for his English French Rap videos. Seeing the followers of him it can be estimated that he is wealthy of course. He has earned much bucks doing events, singing in concerts, uploading YouTube videos, selling his albums, hosting different shows. But he hasn’t revealed his annual income from YouTube so, his net worth is at least $300 thousand.

Relationship Status

Surprisingly he is currently in a relationship with famous YouTube and Instagram Star Amber H. Instagram made him and his lover together.lucas coly and amber H-celebsfanclub

Actually, Amber had followed him in Instagram and later unfollowed him but after he became quite famous. She had sent a message to him and their bond started growing stronger. They started dating each other and now they live together. Both of them have quite a fan base and they make YouTube videos of their love life together.

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  • He can rap both in English and French Language.
  • He has a younger brother who is 10 years younger than him.
  • His parents are mixed racial heritage.
  • He first uploaded his vine on 9th July, 2013.

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Lucas Coly cool pictures

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Know more about the Logic the rapper

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