parisParis Hilton is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and DJ. Although she is more well known as the heiress to a portion of the Hilton Hotels, which was started by her great-grandfather Conrad Hilton.

Early Life


The Hilton Family

Born on 17th February 1981 in New York City, to Richard and Kathy Hilton. She has one sister Nikky and two brothers, Conrad and Barron. Her grandfather is Barron Hilton and great-grandfather Conrad Hilton. Her step-great grandmother was the actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gábor.


Throughout her childhood she lived in part of New York and Los Angeles. She went to the Buckley School and St.Paul the Apostle school, finishing elementary in 1995. For High School she went to Marywood-Palm Valley School, California for her first year and to Dwight School, New York for the other two years although she dropped out. However later on she would earn a GED certification.



Paris began modelling as a child, and most often for charity events. On turning 19 she joined Donald Trump’s Modeling agency, T Management. She has since worked with Ford Models, Model 1 Agency, Nous Model Management and Premiere Model Management. Although the photo shoot that really ‘put her on the map’ would be the one she did alongside sister Nicky in September 2001 in Vanity Fair.

Paris alongside sister Nikky in Vanity Fair(2001)



Paris’s biggest role would be in the horror movie, House of Wax. She also gave cameo appearances in films such as Zoolander(2001), Wonderland(2003) and The Cat in the Hat(2003). Paris also appeared in supporting roles in movies such as Nine Lives(2002), Raising Helen(2004) and The Hillzu(2004). She also plays the titular character Hottie in Hottie and the Nottie(2008) and has starred in a musical Repo! The Genetic Opera(2008). Although from a movie standpoint her most famous one would be a sex-tape that was made with then boyfriend Rick Solomon in 2003, which got leaked online and was even distributed by Solomon himself as 1 Night in Paris(2004). So, wow. However she has appeared as herself in a few other cameos and documentaries.

Paris in House of Wax(2005)
Hilton in Zoolander(2001)
Paris in Repo! The Genetic Opera(2008)


Poster of The Simple Life(2004-07)

Paris gained fame from the TV series The Simple Life(2003-07) which also featured Nicole Richie. She has made guest appearances in various shows such as The O.C.(2004), The George Lopez Show(2004), Las Vegas(2004), American Dreams(2005), Dogg After Dark(2009), and Veronica Mars(2004). She also hosted a few shows including Paris Hilton is My New BFF(2008-09), Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend(2009), Hollywood Love Story(2018) and haves guest appearance for numerous TV shows including Hell’s Kitchen, Supernaturals, and many more.


Paris has made her own album named Paris in 2006 with songs including Screwed and Stars are Blind, that went hit in 17 different countries. She also starred or featured in several music videos like,

Just Lose It – Eminem(2004)


Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato(2017)



Flowers – Gabi DeMartino(2018)



Merle Ginsberg wrote and Paris started selling a book named, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, in early 2004. The book contained hundreds of photographs and  advices from Paris as a heiress. And the book became a New York Bestseller, because you know… New York. She went on to make a designer diary, Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All to Me, which was still mostly made by Ginsberg but you know, New York.

Yup I was not kidding about it being a New York bestseller


Net Worth

In 2019, Paris Hilton’s net-worth is estimated to be around 350 million dollars. The major source of it all is the of course her family owned hotel chain Hilton Hotels. But she has raised her stocks with career in acting, modeling, as a socialite, entrepreneur and apparently working as a DJ. And don’t forget the part about her being a bestselling author, in a way.

i.e. She rich Bruh


Paris at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards

Although she has stacked up quite a few Golden Raspberry awards from her acting career that she might not be that proud of she does have a good track as a Dj, winning the NRJ DJ Award for best Breakthrough DJ(2013) and the Best Female DJ(2014). Also she does have a few Teen Choice Award to her name.



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