Birth Name Robin Tamang
Birth place Singapore, (Nepalese Parents)
Birth of date 1963
Genres Rock, Hard Rock
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Hair color Black
Eye color dark brown
Age 56
Nationality Nepali
Height 6 ft
Spouse Helen
Net Worth N/A

Personal life and Family:

RobinRobin Tamang is a Nepalese legendary s singer, musician, actor and founder of rock band Robin and The New Revolution. He born in Singapore and he was youngest among five siblings. He  born to the family of a British Army.  His father has different postings , so he moved to several country from  his childhood like Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei and so on.As he is an legendary singer of Nepal, has been in the Nepali music Industry for the past two decades and he has gathered too many fans during that time.

In 1996, he got a chance to come and settle in Nepal.Being born to a family of music lovers became an inspiration to him to grow as a singer.



Early Life

RobinDuring his schooling in Singapore, he used to listen to Jimmy Hendrix and Deep Purple, who became the true inspirations to him. While he was doing his college in Humber College in Toronto, in the mid-1980s, he formed his second band Tamang and performed at different stages.In 1996, he came back to Nepal and went to Pokhara, his father’s place and joined the rock band Looza. He performed together with Looza but soon this journey came to an end after the group disbanded in 2005.


From his schooling  he used to listen to old rock, Jimmy Hendrix and Deep Purple. Old Rock, Jimmy Hendrix and Deep purple  became the true inspirations to  start career at music.  He formed first  band during his schooling called F Troop and used to perform at school.  While in Humber College in Toronto, in mid 80s, he formed his second band called “Tamang” and performed at different stages.


In 1996, he to came and settle in Nepal and  went to Pokhara  with his father. At pokhara, His   first band in Nepal formed by the group dynamic member. He got a chance to join the band Looza at pokhara and used to  performed together with Looza . The journey with Looza   came to an end soon  after the group disbanded in 2005. After Looza disbanded, he continued with other musicians and formed the  another band Robin and the New Revolution. The Robbins and Revolution  released their first album called ‘Keta Keti’ which became a huge hit that gave him a huge fan following.


Robin Tamang  has appeared in a Nepali movie named ‘Chadke’– a gangster flick, although he is widely known famous as a musician, He says that” music and acting  linked to the  emotion and expression of human that comes naturally. Although he appeared in a movie, he does not have any intention of leaving the music field.

Net worth and earnings:

Robbins Tamang  is famous Musician, singer and Actor. The major source of income is from music  and acting  The net-worth of Robbins Tamang is under Reviewed.


Awards and nominations

Tamang won two awards at the 16th Hits FM Music Awards—2069. He was awarded the ‘best rock vocal performance’ award and the ‘best performance by a group or duo with vocal’ award with his band Robin and the New Revolution. Tamang believes that such institutional recognition are an outcome of any musician’s dedication to music. A firm believer in the agelessness of music, Tamang talks about how good music never becomes outdated. “The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are two legendary bands whose music will never grow old. Often young kids and their grandfathers share the same taste in music, calling the same bands their favorites,” he says. “The good stuff never goes out of style.”


Relationship status:

Robin Tamang married with Helen.  They had met at a concert and began dating and took road trips together. Helen had graduated from the Paris School of Arts but he confesses that she did not get much time to practice her craft much these years due to the girls, as he is away from home a lot for tours, plans of which are going on as we speak, for the Middle East, as his 7th studio album is in the offing.



Facts about:

  • Robin was born in other country( Singapore, (Nepalese Parents)), he made his music career in his motherland which proves how much love and affection.
  •  He moved to several country in his childhood like Hong Kong, Singapore and Brunei due to the different postings of his father.
  • Robin Tamang finished his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto but left his job after six months.
  • Robin Tamang  has appeared in a Nepali movie named ‘Chadke’.

Some pictures of Robin Tamang:



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