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Birth Name Shin Su Ran
Birth Place Busan, South Korea
Birth Sign Cancer
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Dating Min Yoon-gi aka Suga (rumored)
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Eye color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Date of Birth 15th July 1986
Age 32
Nationality South Korean
Net Worth Est. $3 million
Education Computer Science Major

Personal life and Family

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Born on 15th July 1986, Shin Suran is a Korean based Singer, nominated in different awards and won a couple of them already. Her birth name is Shin Su Ran.Talking about her biography Being a singer, she is also songwriter and producer and have collaborated with various Korean artists. She is from Busan, South Korean and her ethnicity is Asian. There is actually no any information about her parents or her siblings because I think she think that privacy is important. Most people invade privacy of idols in South Korea in the name of being a fan so she thinks her family safety is quite important.


Early Life

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Surprisingly, she had no interest in music at all during her early childhood but later she gained interest in making music and producing them. So, decided that she would make good music and motivate others to do it as well. She completed Computer Science Major, but the university is not mentioned. Her parents name is not disclosed so, she might had a typical Asian childhood, going to well established school. South Korea has always regarded music as a well renowned profession so, her parents might have supported her from the beginning of her career in music.

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She first started singing in her early 20’s. She started her career in music from releasing single I Got a Feeling on July 9th 2014. Her career on music got a huge peak when she collaborated with a globally renowned artist Suga of BTS, a popular boy band group of South Korea. Her single Changmo and Slow Rabbit with collaboration of Suga scored 2nd on Gaon Digital Chart making a sale over 500k digital downloads. Following the success, her other plays got entitled 30th on Gaon Album Chart. Her collaboration with Suga made her win the 2017 Melon Music Awards for the Best R&B/Soul award.

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Net worth and earnings

The rising artist Shin Suran might have net worth of $3 million. Being a songwriter, singer, producer might have helped her earn this much bucks. She has been collaborating with promising artists internationally as well. So, with keeping that in mind it is certain that she is worth the $3 million. She has won many hearts of her fans writing unique music and all. She has already worked on over a dozen of music and video projects so, we can assume that approximately she makes $500k a year. But it is all her hard work and passion for music that she has accomplished all of this.

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Relationship Status

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Well as an artist’s there are various misunderstandings and controversies going on without even the knowledge of the artists. Well, in case of Shin Suran rumour of her with rapper of BTS, Suga dating each other got coverage over people and fans. Majority of small group of fans make such issues quite a huge topic to argue about. All of this rumour started spreading because she had posted a picture of a food writing Suga in the comment section. Seeing this majority of the fans started asking questions of her and Suga, but we can assume that they are not dating each other.

Awards and Nominations

She has become a well renowned artist in South Korea. In the year 2017, 9th Melon Music Awards nominated her in various categories and she won 2 of them.

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While in 2018 on various awards such as Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, she got nominated on various categories such as Best R&B soul, Popularity and others and won 3 of them. Well, we can say that the better music that she makes the more awards she will get her into her home desk.


  • Shin Suran’s birthplace is in Busan, South Korea.
  • Shin Suran has collaborated with many artists such as Zico, Suga and many others.
  • She completed her graduation with computer science major in college.
  • Shin had no interest in singing at until her 20’s.shin suran beautiful - celebsfanclub

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Beautiful Pictures of Shin Suran

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