Vangmayam Shatabdi Purush Dr.Satya Mohan Joshi

Vangmayam shatabdhi purush


Birth Date: 1920 AD
Birth Place: Bakhutole, Lalitpur
Age: 100yrs (2019)
Father: Shankar Raj Joshi
Mother: Rajkumari Joshi
University Durbar High School, Trichandra College
Spouse: Radha Devi


Personal Life and Family


Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi is a Nepali writer and scholar, born in the year 1920 in Bakhutole, Lalitpur. He is regarded as a national treasure due to his incomparable contribution made in the field of arts, culture and literature. Dr. Joshi‘s endeavor to provide recognition for Nepal through arts, culture and literature is remarkable. Besides literature and arts, he also expertly writes play. Hence, we can consider him as Jack of all trades and master of all.  Dr.Satya Mohan Joshi, born to Shankar Raj and Rajkumari Joshi is the first son of the family. One of the interesting facts about him is that he just turned 100 years old on May 13, 2019. He has been titled as “Vangmayam Shatabdi Purush” for his greatness.

Early Life


At the very early stage, Dr. Joshi learnt his alphabets at home however joined Durbar High School afterward in Kathmandu. He achieved his bachelor’s degree at Trichandra College. During his childhood phase he was not believed to possess greater personality. The reason behind this disbelief was he wasn’t able to speak up a single word even at the age of five.




At the very beginning, his career started with the collection of folk songs in written format. During the time of his college days, he used to find his recreation in local love songs sung at Rodhi Ghars, the singing clubs in Eastern part of Nepal, which he says, have played major role in his career and life. In 1944, Dr. Joshi started his career in the government sector. After few years in 1959, he was successful to become the first director of the “Archeological” and also director of “Cultural Department”.

After this achievement he immediately established the Rastrya Naachghar – National Theater in Kathmandu. He also established Archelogical Garden in Patan. Archelogical Museum in Taulihawa and National Painting Museum in Bhaktapur are his other establishments. Dr. Joshi resigned from the office in 1960 following the political change. With King Mahendra’s coup in 1960, Dr. Joshi flew to China and began to teach Nepali at Peking Broadcasting Institute. During his stay at China for five years, he kicked off his research on Arniko – the genius of the Malla period who migrated to China in early 1260 AD.

Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi set up the Araniko White Dagoba Gallery in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, using historical artifacts related to Araniko. He has contributed in more than 60 publications in various fields. Dr. Joshi’s noteable publications are like, Haamro Lok Sanskriti(Madan Puraskar in 1956); Nepali Rastriya Mudra (Madan Puraskar of 1960); KARNALIKO LOK SASKRITI (a research collection); CHARUMATI, SUN KESHARI, MAHIPA: LAKHE, BAGH BHAIRAB (dramas), etc.

Relationship status

satya mohan and radha devi

Vangmayam Shatabdi purush Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi is married to Radha Devi. As per Joshi’s interview, they never had conflict with each other nor do they disrespect each other. Joshi’s calm, satisfied and optimistic behavior filled their married life with true colors of love, respect and support.

Awards and Nomination

Dr. Joshi’s endeavor towards preservation of Nepali folk culture holds special significance. Before any other did, he initiated a systematic study on Neplai culture. As a result of contributing in Nepali folk culture, he was awarded Nepal’s literary honor Madan Puraskar Award. Not only once but he has been award with Nepla’s literary honor for 3 times. In 1956 he was awarded for his major work; Hamro Lok Sanskriti – Our Folk Culture. Similarly in 1957 he was awarded for his work: Nepali Rastriya Mudra – The Coinage of Nepal and in 1971 awarded for Karnali Lok Sanskriti – Folk culture of the Far-Western Zone Karnali.


Besides Madan Puraskar, he is also Shrestha Sirpa award holder for his remarkable book Jayaprakash, an epic in Nepali language (Newari). Furthermore, Considering Dr.Joshi’s contribution to Neplai art and culture, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal honored him with the “Litterateur of the Century” title on August 23, 2017.

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Interesting Facts

-He was the first Nepali person to set foot in New Zealand.

-Dr. Joshi is the Chancellor of The Nepal Bhasha Academy.

-He started speaking only at the age of 5.

-Awarded with Madan Puraskar thrice.

-He just completed his 100 years on May 13, 2019.

-Vangmayam Shatadbdi Purush Dr. Joshi is one of the Executive Board member of Nepali Art Council and lifetime member of Royal Nepal Academy.

-Before sleeping he drinks a peg of local alcohol just for achieving sound sleep. As per his view, alcohol plays very important role in maintaining health but one must to know the limit.

Interview with Dr.Satya Mohan Joshi

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Some Pictures of  Dr. Satyaman Joshi

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