electraTara Leigh Patrick, better known as Carmen Electra is an american glamour model, actress, television personality, singer and dancer. She’s mostly known for her role in the Baywatch television series(1989-1999) and various parody movies. Also for her multiple features in Playboy magazine.

Early Life

Electra was born in 20th April 1972 in Sharonville, Ohio. Her parents were father Harry Patrick, a guitarist and an entertainer, her mother Patricia, a singer. She was the youngest of six siblings. She attended the Ann Weigel Elementary School while studying dance under Gloria J. Simpson at Dance Artist Studio in Western Hills. She enrolled in the School of Creative and Performing Arts at age 9. Then she graduated from Princeton High School, Sharonville in 1990. She also attended and graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, Cincinnati.


Early Career

Album cover for Carmen Electra(1993)

Electra started her career as a dancer in Kings Island, Mason, Ohio in 1990. It was in a show called “It’s Magic” and was one of the most popular shows in the park’s history. She signed with Paisley Park Records in 1991 and started a short-lived singing career. She even released an album Carmen Electra(1993) It was during this time that she became known as Carmen Electra.

Electra in cover of Playboy(1996)

She started to appear in TV shows in 1995. She featured in Playboy magazine in 1996. This gave her high profile exposure and gave her appearances in TV shows like Baywatch(cast 1997-1998). She was featured four more times in Playboy in December 1997, December 2000, April 2003 and January 2009 .

Electra started her film career with American Vampire(1997). She also appeared in Good Burger(1997) that year. Along with that she featured on the cover of comic books Razor and the Ladies of London Night by London Night Studios.

Electra in American Vampire(1999)

Film Career

Throughout the 2000s Electra featured in multiple parody films like Scary Movie(2000), Scary Movie 4(2006), Date Movie(2006), Epic Movie(2007), Meet the Spartans(2008), Disaster Movie(2008). Along with these she also had roles in movies such as Starsky & Hutch(2004),Cheaper by the Dozen 2(2005) along with returning to Baywatch for the 2003 reunion movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding(2003). She replaced Gina Gershon in Tripping the Rift(2004-07) in 2005 as voice for android “Six”. In 2005 she started the Naked Women’s Wrestling League(NWWL), acting as the commissioner for the professional wrestling promotion. Throughout the 2010s she made guest appearances in multiple dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Britain’s Got Talent and a few more as guest host.

Electra in Scary Movie(2000)
In Scary Movie 4(2006)
Electra in Date Movie(2006)
As  in Meet the Spartans(2008)


In Pop Culture

in 2002 an extinct species of fly was named Carmenelectra shechisme honoring Electra’s splendid somal structure. She appeared as a character in 2004’s video game Def Jam: Fight for New York as one of the celebrity challenge.

The Sprite of Carmen in 2004’s Def Jam: Fight for New York


Most notable she won the MTV Award for Best Kiss, in 2004’s Starsky & Hutch. She also won a Razzie for Worst Supporting Role for Date Movie and Scary Movie 4 in 2007.

The MTV Award winning kiss from Starsky and Hutch(2004)

Personal Life

Electra married NBA star Dennis Rodman in 1998 in the aftershock of the demise of both her mother and sister that year. She later described the message as “getting caught in the moment”. They split up in April 1999. In November 2003 she married Jane’s Addiction’s lead guitarist Dave Navarro. However they also split up in 2006’s April with the divorce being finalized in February 2007. She later was engaged to Rob Patterson in 2008, but that that went nowhere too, so she briefly dated Simon Cowell in 2012.

She’s godmother to actor Jeremy London’s son Lyrik London.


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