Biography and Career

Christopher Robert Evans, popularly known as Chris Evans is an American actor and a filmmaker born on June 13, 1981, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His father G. Robert Evans III was a dentist and his mother Lisa Capuano used to work at the Concord Youth Theatre. He has three siblings, an older sister Carly Evans, a younger sister Shana Evans and a younger brother Scott Evans. His younger brother is also an actor famously known for movies such as “Before We Go” (2014), “Go-Go Interrupter” (2014 – 2016) and “The Lovely Bones” (2009). At the age of 11, Evans’ family moved to Sudbury where he was raised. He graduated from Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School.

Chris Evans During Teenage

At a very young age, Evans was interested in acting as his elder sister started performing in theatres. Evans was very inspired by his sister and started performing in the school plays. During his time in high school, he was always praised for his acting skill by his drama teacher. He also participated in regional theatres as well as other plays. After graduating, he moved to New York City to pursue his career in acting. He enrolled himself in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute to learn more about acting and filmmaking. He also did an internship at a casting office and made contacts with some of the agents. He used to regularly talk with the agents and befriend them and later one of the agents took him as a client.

Evans in his debut major movie Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

As soon as Evans got an agent, he started giving auditions for television series as feature films. His first recognized appearance was in 1997 in a short movie “Biodiversity: Wild about Lie!” which was an educational movie. Two years later, he modeled for “Tyler” in a board game named “Mystery Date” by Hasbro. In 2001, he got his first major feature in the movie “Not Another Teen Movie” where he plays the role of a jock who bets that he can change an unpopular girl into a prom queen. After that, he did other movies such as “The Perfect Score”, “Cellular”, and “Fierce People”. Evans instantly got a boast on his stardom by playing the role of a superhero the Human Torch in the movie “Fantastic Four” and its sequel “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.  He also played the role of Captain America, a Marvel Character in the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Avengers”.


Chris Evans first ever girlfriend was Jessica Biel who is an American actress. From the beginning, Jessica was a fan of Evans from his movie “Not Another Teen Movie”. The pair were rumored to date in 2001. They walked the red carpet together at the second annual My VH1 Music Awards. They were also seen together at a celebrity gaming tournament held for charity hosted by Mark Wahlberg. In 2004, the pair also worked together in movie “Cellular” where Jessica plays the role of Evan’s love interest. They also worked together in the movie “London”. In 2006, they were last seen together and after that news broke that the couple had split up but the reasons were not confirmed. The pair dated for a long 5 years.

Chris and Biel dated from 2001-2006

In 2007, Evans started dating the American actor Minka Kelly. The couple dated on and off for 7 years. The couple first dated for just a month in 2007. Then they again got back together in 2012 and dated for a year. Again after a year after they split up, they got back for the third time but very briefly. In 2014, they finally ended things for good. During his on and off relation with Kelly, he dated Christina Ricci an American actress when they first split up. The pair were seen together holding hands and having dinners together. The pair dated for 4 months before they split up and Evans reunited with Kelly. He was also rumored to date Vida Guerra and Kristin Cavallari during his break period with Kelly.

Chris Evans left the Tremont church hand-in-hand with girlfriend Minka Kelly.

After Evans’ second break with Kelly, he started dating Sacha Kemp another American actor in 2011. The couple dated very briefly before Evans again reunited with Kelly. In 2014, Evans was rumored to date Sandra Bullock and they were spotted together multiple times. But the rumors were never confirmed and after 2 months the two of them were stopped seeing together. After a year, Evans briefly dated the British model Lucy Pinder. In the same year, Chris was also rumored to date Lily Collins, a British actress and Elizabeth Olsen, an American actress. There were rumors that Evans and Olsen have been dating quietly without anyone knowing after the movie “Captain America: Civil War”. Sadly, the rumors were never confirmed by either of them.

Recently, Chris has been dating Jenny Slate an American actress. The pair started dating in April 2016. According to Jenny, she was a little hesitant to date Chris at the beginning but eventually, they found common ground and began to realize that they were oddly perfect together. They instantly became one of Hollywood’s most favorite couple. Sadly, the pair called it quit in February in 2017. Even after they split, Jenny had an only nice thing to say about Evans and said that it was very difficult for her to deal with their separation. However, in October the pair were spotted together grabbing an inner and hanging out in Atlanta. Though they didn’t confirm their relationship, it has been pretty clear that the pair has been reunited. Both of them post cryptic messages for each other on Twitter and their other Social Media.

Net Worth

According to Forbes, Chris Evans’ total net worth in 2017 is 50 million dollars and is ranked on no. 18 on the list of World’s highest paid actor. From the role of Captain America in the movie “Avengers”, Evans earns a total amount of 6.8 million dollars. He owns a mansion in the neighborhood of Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion is worth 3.5 million dollars and in the same year, he bought the mansion he sold his former house for 1.45 million dollars.


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