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Birth Name Cindy Kimberly
Birth Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birth Sign Scorpio
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Boyfriend Neels Visser
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Black
Date of Birth November 16, 1998
Age 20
Nationality Dutch
Net Worth Est. $600 thousand
College N/A


Personal life and Family

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Cindy Kimberly is a dutch model who came into a spotlight after a magical thing happened. A famous Canadian Singer Justin Bieber posted an image of her on his Instagram feed with the caption “Omg Who is this?”. Then she became from nobody to somebody. She has now become a renowned social media star with millions of followers. Talking about her family, her family is from costa blanca, Spain. Her father is Spanish while her mother in Indonesian. She hasn’t yet revealed their names and occupation yet she is very close to them. After the rise in her fame, her mother didn’t let her forget about her education and encouraged her to focus in her duties as well. She has a huge circle of friends who she has been close with since the beginning. Her friends also includes other super models and social media stars.

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Early Life

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Cindy was born on 16th of November in 1998 in a place called Amsterdam located in Netherlands. She is now 20 years old but a social media star, model and whatever the youths call it these days. Her mother and father are not together and her mother raised cindy. Furthermore, her mother and she moved to Costa Blanca, Spain when she was just 3 years of age. Before her fame she used to babysit inorder to help her single mother financially.  Cindy completed her school staying at her home so she has not yet graduated from any college.


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Cindy became an overnight celebrity when in 2015, Justin Bieber shared her photo in his news feed with caption “Omg who is this?”. It was more like a dream or a fairytale for her. She was working as a babysitter who was financially supporting her mother but then everything changed after the incident. After that she gained huge attention and became the headlines for most of the people. Furthermore, after that incident she gained huge number of attention and fans as well. Many modeling offers came to her and she grabbed it. Then, an unknown babysitter became a Instagram model. She made her debut by modelling in 2016 with Very, a fashion retailer. She has also participated in Milan Fashion Week.

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Net worth and earnings

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Every thing changed overnight to her. She has now more than 2 million followers on Instagram. After the Justin Bieber incident she has got various job offers. She has received calls from various popular agencies and companies regarding modelling. Cindy has been involving in numerous modelling gigs. She showed her modelling looks at a photo shoot with the British fashion retailer, very. In assumption that Kimberly makes a significant amount of money through sponsorship and other modelling deals, her net worth might be around $600k. Yes, models do make a huge amount of money from contracts and sponsorship and it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see her on television sometime in future.

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Relationship status

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During the Justin Bieber incident, rumors said cindy and Justin Bieber dated each other for a while in 2015. Later she started having a relationship with Xavier Serrano in 2016 but didn’t stay together for long and broke up 2 years later. Currently, she is seeing a Spanish model named Neels Visser. Cindy often uploads her picture with Neels on Instagram and we can say they are quite suitable for each other. The couple go out with each other and many have spotted them kissing each other.

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Facts about Cindy Kimberly

  1. Cindy can speak Spanish, italian and English.
  2. She has 5 beautiful tattoos on her body.
  3. Kimberly’s celebrity crush is Dylan O’Brien.
  4. Uno Modeling Agency has signed a contract with her.
  5. She was a babysitter earning 4 USD an hour.
  6. Cindy loves to have political discussions.
  7. Kimberly’s lips have fillers injected in them.

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