Birth Name Daniela Ospina
Birth Place Itagüí, Colombia
Birth Sign Virgo
Father Hernan Ospina
Mother Lucía Ramírez
Spouse James Rodríguez (Divorced)
Height 5 feet 10 inch
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Date of Birth September 22, 1992
Age 27
Nationality Colombian
Net Worth Est. $1 million
College Grancolombiano polytechnic university
Children Salome Rodriguez Ospina


Personal life and Family

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Daniela Ospina is a well-known volleyball player based on Columbia. She started her career in volleyball by playing in international beach volleyball. She is currently a professional player playing for the team VP Madrid. In addition to that her brother David Ospina is also a famous goalkeeper of Arsenal. She has represented Columbia in the National Youth Champion and in international events and games as well. Daniela is also into modelling and appeared in various sportswear and jeans. She has her own brand of sportswear called Danfive. She is a brand ambassador of Nacar Makeup in Columbia. Talking about her family she was married to James Rodriguez with whom she has a daughter named Salome but they later separated after being together for 6 years. She is a single mother now living with her daughter.

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Early Life

Daniela Ospina was born on September 22, 1992 in Itagüí, Colombia to her parents Hernan Ospina and Lucia Ramirez. David Ospina is a famous Arsenal goalkeeper who is her brother. As a child she and her brother were quite sporty in nature and would spend most of their time playing sports out in the neighbourhood. First, she started playing football with her brother David but later grew interest in volleyball more than football. Her parents like most parents in Columbia gave their full support to her. She attended Santa Catalina School in Columbia where she completed her education. Later she graduated from Grancolombiano Polytechnic University.

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She was a bright kid who had very much interest in sports and adventure. In her younger days she played for the volleyball club Itagui in 2007. Two years later she got the chance to part of Sabaneta and played in the Antioquia Volleyball League. In 2010, she got chance to compete in the “National Youth Championship” where she performed outstandingly. She even showed her skills in international games and events as well.

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Then later she started playing professionally by playing alongside VP Madrid in 2015. And as her fame raised up she began modelling and appeared in various campaigns for sportwear such as Brandfit Colombia. Recently she has also launched her own brand call Danfive which is a brand of sportswear. She markets her brand by exposing it to her fans and social media. Daniela has also been a part as a host on various Colombian TV channel. She herself is now a brand ambassador of a brand ‘Nacar Makeup’.

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Net worth and earnings

Daniela the professional volleyball player is a passionate and determined sports player. Daniela has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her ex-husband James rodriguez earns an annual salary of $7 million. Any professional sports player in Indonesia earns about $42,000 per year so, as a player herself she might earn near or close to such mentioned amount. She is a brand ambassador of ‘Nacar Makeup’ and she has her own brand of sportswear. So, her net worth is near about $1 million regarding her profession and ownership of brands.
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Awards and Achievements

Well She has proved herself by taking part in various international volleyball events and games. She is active over social media and mostly posts pictures on Instagram. If it can be called an achievement then she has more than 287k followers on Twitter. In addition to that, she has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, she has a Facebook page with more than 346k followers. In addition she has launched her own brand of sportsweat, DanFive.

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Relationship status

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Daniela Ospina is currently a single mother and doesn’t give and intention of getting into a serious relationship. She broke up with her husband James Rodriguez on July 27 2017. James and she tied their knot in December 24 2010. They have a daughter Salome Rodriguez Ospina. After six years of marriage then they decided to end it. After that James had to move to Germany to play football in the team Bayern Munich while Ospina was engaged with games for Real Madrid.

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Facts about Daniela Ospina

  1. Daniela’s brother David ospina is a famous Arsenal Goalkeeper.
  2. She and James dated for 2 years before they tied their knot.
  3. Daniela is a brand ambassador of ‘Nacar Makeup’.
  4. She is currently single and a devoted single mother.
  5. Ospina is also a model as well.

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