Marshall Bruce Mathers III famously known as Eminem is an American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer. Eminem was born to Marshall Mathers Jr. and Deborah Mathers on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem never got to know his father as his father left his family when he was still an infant and didn’t keep any contact with them. As a result, Eminem had a very rough childhood since his mother was also not able to stick to one job. His mother had to find a new job every year or sometimes in months. During his childhood, he had to move from Missouri and Detroit, Michigan very frequently due to his mother’s unstable jobs.

Eminem during the early days

In an interview, Eminem said that he had to change schools two-three times a year. He was treated as an outcast in every new school and never had any close friends. He used to spend most of his time by himself. He also opened up about being bullied in every school and how he used to be beaten up and shoved into the lockers. He also accused his mother of being a drug addict and abusing him physically as well as mentally. His childhood left a big impact on his current personality. He also accused his mother publicly through his song lyrics but Deborah Mathers denied the accusation. In fact, she even filed a defamation lawsuit of 10 million dollars against her own soon in 1999.

The first rap song heard by Eminem was “Reckless” from the “Breaking’” soundtrack. The soundtrack was gifted to him by his mother’s half-brother Ronnie Palkinghorn who later on became his mentor when he decided to make a career in the music industry. Through rap songs, he found a way to express his anger as well as his passion for language. Eminem started rapping from the age of 14 with his friend Mike Ruby. They both began to call themselves “M&M” which later became “Eminem”. Unfortunately, in 1991 Ronnie committed suicide which was a huge shock to Eminem. He said that at the time he didn’t speak for several days and didn’t even attend the funeral.

A scene from 8-mile B-rabbit

Eminem studied in the Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan. However, due to his rough life, he was not able to focus on his studies and failed in ninth grade three times. At the age of 17, he finally gave up studies and dropped out of the high school. Despite being poor at studies and having very low grades, Eminem was always had a strange interest in language. In an interview, he said that “I found that no matter how bad I was at school, like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at sometimes, I always was good at English … I just felt like I wanna be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull ’em out. You know, somewhere, they’ll be stored, like, locked away.” Eminem used to sneak out of his home and take part in rap battles in the neighborhood. As he lived in a Detroit neighborhood which was the neighborhood of black people and his household was one of three white households in the neighborhood. During the rap battles, he would be only the one who was white and was frequently beaten up by the black youth.

Career and Net worth

Eminem started his journey from small rap battles from his neighborhood. As he improved his aping skills he gained more and more fame and was given offers by many rap group. Eminem then signed with the FBT production and made a deal to record an album for their Web Entertainment label. In 1995, he had a daughter Hailie Jade Scott with his girlfriend Kim Ann Scott. A year after her birth, Eminem released his first single rap album named “Infinite” with Web Entertainment label which was inspired by his daughter’s birth. The purpose of releasing the album was to earn some money to raise his daughter but the budget for the album was very slow leading the album failed to attract people and make a profit. As a result, Eminem had to work 60 hours a week to raise his daughter. Sadly, he was fired just five days before Hailie’s birthday and he just had forty dollars to buy his daughter a birthday gift. The stress leads him to attempt suicide but luckily his attempts were failed.

In 1997, Web Entertainment released another album with Eminem titled “Slim Shady EP” which expressed his sadistic and violet alter ego. In the same year, he was evicted from his house so he fled to Los Angeles to participate in the Rap Olympic which was an annual national rap battle competition.  He came second in the competition so his album “Slim Shady EP” was sent to the CEO of Interscope Records Jimmy Lovine. The tape was then played to the record producer Dr. Dre who immediately loved it and gave orders to find Eminem and meet him. This was a great news to Eminem as Dr. Dre was his idol from childhood. Finally, in 1999, he released the album “The Slim Shady LP”.

Eminem with Dr. Dre in 2000

The album was a massive hit and was certified triple platinum by the end of 1999. However, after the hit of the album, he was accused by an underground rapper Cage about copying his subject matter and style as well. The album was very controversial over the lyrics of the songs in the album. After the album, Eminem and Dr. Dre became good friends and created a bond with each other. Later, the two collaborated and released several hit songs such as “Forgot About Dre”, “What’s the Difference”, “Bitch Please II”, “Say What You Say”, “Encore/Curtain Down”, “Old Time Sake” and “Crack a Bottle”.

In 2000, Eminem released the album titled “The Marshall Mathers LP” which sold more than 1 million copies in the first week of release. The album broke the US records of fastest selling hip-hop album and fastest selling a solo album. One of the songs from the album name “Stan” was called the third greatest rap song of all by the Q magazine. By 2011, the album had sold more than 32 million copies of the album worldwide and was certified Diamond by the RIAA. In 2002, “The Eminem Show” was released and was a success selling more than 1 million copies in the first week and hitting the top charts. The album was the best-selling album of the year and also was certified diamond by the RIAA.

In 2004, Eminem released his next album titled “Encore” which was another success as well as controversial. The song “We As Americans” was seen as a threat to the President and the song “Just Lose It” contained insults to Michael Jackson. Many of Jackson fans and friends stood against the music video of the song. He released many more hit albums such as “Recovery” (2010), “Relapse” (2009), “Curtain Call: The Hits” (2005), “Relapse: Refill” (2009) and many more. Almost all of his albums have been controversial for various subjects. His most recent album is titled “Revival” which was released on December 15, 2017. This album is already heading toward no.1 on the list of Billboard 100 chart and would be his 8th consecutive album to be on no.1 on the list.

In 2017, Eminem is worth 190 million dollars. He owns many mansions all around the world among which one is located in Michigan. The 15000 square feet mansion is was worth 4.75 million dollars in 2003. The mansion features an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis/basketball court and a large pond. He also owns cars such as Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2 and a Ford Mustang.


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