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Lele Pons Biography

Lele Pons is an American personality, actor and an entrepreneur who was born on 25th June 1996 in Caracas Venezuela. Her father Luis Pons is an architect and mother Anna Maronese is a doctor. Lele is their only child and her native language is Spanish though she speaks English and Italian as well. Her family moved to Miami, Florida when she was just five years old and. Pons went to a local school in Miami. In 2012, Pons attended the Miami Country Day High School where I was very tough for her. According to Pons, she was always bullied by the cool kids in high school because of her accent and nose. She also opened up about how children would throw food at her, made songs about her and called her ugly.

Lele Pons Career

At the age of 16, she got her first phone and one of her friends introduced her to a video hosting service known as “Vine”. Then, she began to post videos in Vine and thought that it was giving her an opportunity to explore her creative side. She began to gain more and more followers in a very short period of time. Her videos were versatile and became very popular among the Vine users. In no time, she gained 10 million followers and became a top Viner. She also became the first ever Vine user having more than 1 billion video loops in Vine. According to an interview with Teen Vogue, Pons said that she started to get respect in her school only after she became big on Vine.

In 2014, Pons was nominated for “Choice Viner” at the Teen Choice Award and “Viner of the Year” at the Streamy Awards. She was also nominated for the “Vine Star of the Year” at the Shorty Awards. Unfortunately, in 2016 Vine had been shut down and videos could be seen and downloaded but not uploaded. However, before Vine was shut down Pons already had 8.4 billion video loops which made her the most looped person on Vine. According to one of her videos, she said that she wanted to become a crocodile hunter when she was little.

Lele and Juanpa dated in 2016

In 2016, after the Vine was shut down most of the top Viners moved to YouTube and started making contents for YouTube. Similarly, Pons also collaborated with shot studios and created her own YouTube channel. Lele uploaded her first YouTube video titled “I’m a YouTuber Now?” and within 4 months she gained more than 1 million subscribers. Currently, Pons has 6.9 million subscribers on her channel. She also didn’t stop with her short comedy videos as she started posting them on Instagram. She has already gained 20.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.73 million followers on Twitter. She also won a Teen Choice Award for The Best Viner in 2016 and was nominated for “Vine star of the Year” in 2015. She and a group of other famous Viners were invited in the White House by none other than the First Lady, Michelle Obama herself. The group was invited to start a campaign named “Better Make Room” which was started to promote education and offer financial aid to students.

As the popularity of Pons increased, she started getting several offers for guest appearances in various events, programs, and movies. In 2016, she appeared in the second season of one of the episodes of “Scream” which was an American horror TV show. However, the scene was just seven-minutes long. She also released her own book titled “Surviving High School” on April which was co-written with Melissa de la Cruz who was one of the bestselling authors of New York Times. The book mostly addressed the problem she faced in High school, about how she was bullied and how she overcame her anxiety and fear. She also played a role in a YouTube Red Series “Escape the night” by Joey Graceffa. After that, Pons also appeared as one of the main roles in Marshmallow’s summer music video. She also starred in the music video of “She’s Out Of Her Mind” by Blink-182 alongside Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta. She also appeared in other movies such as “My Big Fat Hispanic Family”, “Insane Kids”, “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land”, “Caught the Series”, “Scooby Doo is Back” and “Latino Hunger Games”.

Lele Pons walking for Dolce & Gabbana

In February 2017, Lele collaborated with “Cover girl” to be the new brand ambassador. In the same month, she was offered to walk for Dolce and Gabanna in their Milan Fashion Week show. She also appeared in a romantic movie titled “The Space Between Us” as one of Tulsa’s classmate which was released in the same month. She also plays the role of Camila Cabello’s sister in her music video of the song “Havana”. Pons then hosted the 2017 MTV Millennial Awards with Latin American digital star Juanpa Zurita. Along with this, she was also honored with the Digital Trailblazer Award in the 2017 Latino Media Awards. Pons was also one of the judges at the Miss Universe 2017 which was held on November 26, 2017.

Lele Pons Earnings and Net Worth

As of 2018, Lele Pons net worth is 3 million dollars. Most of her income comes from her YouTube channel. She gets an average of 3 million views per day in her channel which gives her 6,000 dollars per day from advertisements alone excluding any other sponsorships. Pons is also listed in the list of crucial 25 most powerful women of 2017. She is also listed on the Forbes list of “Top Influencers- Entertainment” and “30 under 30- Hollywood & Entertainment”.  Pons’ estimated yearly income is around 117,647 dollars and when she was on Vine, she used to get paid 26,144 dollars for a 6-second vine endorsement. According to this, if she would have done 4 endorsements in a month, she would have earned 104,000 a month and 1.2 million a year. Along with this, she also received 180,995 dollars at the Teen Choice Awards. She also earns lots of money from sponsorship deals on her social media and YouTube Videos. Along with that, her other source of income is her book “Surviving High School” which was a success and is still being sold on Amazon.

Lele Pons has been in relationships with Juanpa Zurita (2016) and King Bach (2016). She is currently single


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