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loganLogan Alexander Paul, an American actor, director and musician gained fame through vines in the internet. He is an entertainment vine maker and begins his career through YouTube. He is a very talented actor as from the age of 10, he started creating vines and posting on the internet i.e YouTube on the channel named Zoosh and he is one of the influential vine stars at first because of his series of goofy and hilarious short videos, he is also featured on the Ad Week, the cover of magazine also he has done short scene with Dwayne Johnson and Logan do wite, produce and starred in a movies continuously, he is the finest YouTuber as her record his daily activities and he is now known as a best Vlogger in the internet. Although he is a college dropped, he endorses various brands like Hanes, PepsiCO and HBO.



Birth Name Logan Alaxander Paul
Birth Place Westlake, Ohio
Birth Sign Aries
Father Greg Paul
Mother Pam Step-nick
Spouse N/A
Height 1.88m
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 1995-04-01
Age 24
Nationality American
Net Worth $15 million
College West-lake High School
Children N/A
Died N/A


Early Life and Career

Paul took a birth in West lake, Ohio, U.S. on 1995-04-01 i.e 1st April 1995. He has a brother name Jake Paul who is also an actor and vlogger. They studies in Ohio University but Logan Paul dropped the college despite of that now by occupation he is an actor film director and also a boxer. He started his career firstly uploading to “Logan Paul Vlogs”, where now there exist 19 million subscribers on the YouTube channels. Similarly, he is even seen in the short scene on film named Baywatch. Moreover, he is a boxer now and has matched with Joe Weller as addition it is announced that Paul brothers would fight with Olatunji brothers in a series of boxing matches where Logan boxing with Olajide in one match.

Net Worth

As of 2019 records, Logan Paul is estimated to have around $15 million but it seems that the earning is still not yet updated. He earns the majority of income from YouTube ads. It seems Paul has scored an estimated 2.55 billion views from his daily vlog, a giant increase over the year prior.


Award  and Nomination

Logan Paul was shortly nominated for “Vine of the Year and Videography” award on 2014, as well as nominated for ”Best Vine Comedian” award on 2015 in addition to steamy award for “Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series and Best Comedy Series” on 2016. Recently, Logan Paul was nominated and won the award on 2017 and the nominee award are Teen Choice Awards-Male Web Star (WON), Teen Choice Awards-Comedy Web Star(WON), Teen Choice Awards-You Tuber(Nominated), Steamy Awards-Best Comedy Series(Nominated), Steamy Awards-Audience Choice Creator of the Year(Nominated) and Steamy Awards-Storyteller(Nominated).


Relationship status

As mentioned earlier, Logan is not married yet although he was in relationship with model and vine star, Jessica Serfaty as she is seen in several videos with Logan Paul. They had a very good memory in making vines and vlog. But now, he is dating actress, named Chloe Bennet. As for now they are living happy life and there is no sign of separation between them.

Facts About:


The fact about Logan Paul are as follows:

  • Logan Paul has 19 million subscribers with 629 videos as he makes crazy daily Vlogs.
  • He has a pet parrot Maverick and late dog named Kong.
  • Despite of popularity gained in internet sharing videos service Vine moreover he named his fan family as “Logang”.
  • In fact, he has a starring role in an Awesomeness-TV web series in Foursome in 2016.
  • Pepsi selected him on advertising campaign through the participation in a vines.


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